Feedback from Nepal

April 8, 2018


This Sunday Russ gave feedback to the church on their recent trip to Nepal. We looked at the biblical pattern for translocal ministry from the book of Acts

Translocal ministry – Acts 14:21-28

Being led by the Spirit – Acts 16:6-10 (The need doesn’t justify the call)

There is a need for the kingdom of God everywhere in the world but God calls specific people to go to specific places. The Holy Spirit stopped Paul from travelling north into Bithynia. The reason for that becomes clearer in the next few verses. God wanted Paul to travel to Greece and preach there. That’s why we are doing our best to hear God and follow His leading.

We talked about the work that God is doing in Nepal and our future plans for ministry into this wonderful nation.

The recording won’t be put online out of sensitivity to the local Christians who are experiencing varying levels of intimidation and persecution. We don’t want to publish anything that could cause them further persecution.

Having said that though, God is doing a wonderful work in the nation and there are many testimonies of the goodness of God and how the gospel is bearing fruit all over this nation.