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In the loop – Spring 2016

The next edition of New Gen City Church’s newsletter is out. Download it using the link below. The reason the issue has a lot to read is partly because there is a lot going on in the life of the church and the leaders are struggling to keep everyone informed with everything that’s going on. The other reason is that we’re finding that giving notices in the Sunday meeting give the information about and event but don’t give our heart behind the event. So we’re really trying to show you our heart for God, our heart for the church, our heart for the nations and other things. Take your time to read it, don’t rush, the next issue will only come out in 3 months time (Summer) so you have plenty of time to read it. We’ve also included calendar dates for you to diarise at the end of the newsletter. We’re in an exciting season as a church and are delighted to have you come alongside us on this journey.

Love to all of you





Download “In the Loop – Spring 2016”

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