Kids Ministry


New Gen Kingdom Kids provides a children’s ministry program for children aged one to twelve. Children are included in our praise and worship time and excused for children’s ministry during the message/sermon.

Our programs include:

Kingdom kids

Kingdom Creche – one to three years old

Kingdom Elementary – Kindergarten to Grade six.

Within Kingdom Elementary we have three different teaching groups:

Super Seedlings: Kindergarten and prep

Proud Pines: Grades 1, 2 & 3

Mighty Oaks: Grades 4, 5 & 6

In Kingdom Kids we value teaching from the Word of God, building genuine relationships with the children, modelling and encouraging prayer, as well as having fun! We believe that the best way to engage children in learning is through fun, so every week games and craft activities are planned to assist with massaging the lesson aim.

We believe passionately in teaching the children of all ages from the whole Bible. Our larger aim is to have the entire Bible covered and taught from Genesis through to Revelation every few years for Kingdom Elementary students, and and every year for creche participants. To assist us in our endeavours we have invested in resources from “The Gospel Project” for Kingdom Elementary [] and God’s Big Picture Bible for Kingdom Creche.

The children’s safety is also a priority for us and so all our volunteers are parents or members of the church and have working with children checks.

We hope that all of our teaching and planning will enrich and add to the discipleship that is already happening in the homes of the New Gen City Church families, as well as to bless the parents during the Sunday meeting so they can enjoy listening to the message.

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