Kirsten’s Testimony

Holly’s Testimony

Russ’ Story

In May 2012 Russ suffered a stroke but God has healed him through a series of miracles, including healing stroke symptoms of double vision, unable to swallow, hiccups 24 hours a day, paralysis in the right leg, dizziness and slurred speech, unable to walk, palsy on the right side of the face. Doctors were unsure if any of the symptoms would recover and were considering operating on Russ’ stomach to insert a “peg” for feeding in case swallowing never recovered and the eye specialist gave Russ 2 options. An operation on the muscles and nerves on both eyes to partly correct the double vision or prism glasses which would give a narrow field of single vision. Russ spent 50 days in hospital and a further 3 months in rehab and today the only symptom left is numbness to hot and cold on his left side. Praise god for his miraculous power. ¬†This is his testimony of how God met with him and healed him.

Jeff’s Testimony

Jeff is a grandfather and this is his testimony of how God healed his granddaughter.

2 Responses to Testimonies

  1. Brenda says:

    Your confidence in your faith is overwhelming. What do we learn from these very challenging situations? We learn to trust in the power of prayers. The power of our gracious lord, and how gracious people can be at these times.
    Health, peace and happiness always….

    Brenda & Nick…xxxxx

  2. Tom Sumner says:

    Amazing God, Amazing Grace, your an inspiration Bro its a privilege to follow you as your following Jesus — its all for Him. Tom and Sandra