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Welcome to the New Gen School of Theology. We would like to give you a brief overview of the reason for, and the aims of, the school, plus an outline of the courses planned and the typical questions you may ask when considering taking a course module.

Reason for the school

The School of Theology exists to complement other church meetings in the training and equipping of the saints in the work of ministry. Its focus is to cover certain subjects in more depth and detail than can be allowed for in other church meetings and environments.


The aim of the School is not to turn its pupils into academic theologians or train people for full time ministry. Rather, its aim is to help each student in the process of becoming a well-grounded saint, able to ‘rightly divide the Word of God’ and ‘explain the way of God – accurately’. As a consequence, we expect each student to effectively contribute to the maturing growth of their church community and the expansion of the Kingdom of God.

What is the entry level requirement?

Students will need to have reading and writing abilities of at least year 10 level of schooling with comprehension and reasoning of year 12 and upwards. However, we encourage believers of all abilities to try at least one module, as most people do far better than they expect.

What is the typical study load for each module?

The study modules vary in length from one term to three terms, but generally have the same weekly study load, which involves: listening to a lecture of up to 1hr, 2hrs of reading course material, 1hr of assignment writing and up to 1hr of class discussion making a total of 5hrs per week, per module.

When do the courses run?

The School of Theology runs in sync with normal school term times, which on average are ten weeks long. Courses are designed to cover one or more terms depending on the subject and run consecutively. Each course group meets once a week with their tutor for their 1hr lecture and 1hr class discussion/tutorial.

Can I do the courses online?

Yes, you can do the courses online. However, you must fulfill the same course criteria as if attending, which means you will need to email in your weekly assignments.

What is the cost?

  • A single term’s (10wks) fee is $50, which goes towards administrative costs and includes a donation to who provide us with some of the teaching materials. Shorter courses of 5 weeks have a fee of $25 and longer courses of 2 terms have a fee of $100.
  • Other Resources: a typical book cost for a two to four term course would be between $50-$100 purchased from, Amazon,  Koorong or

Is it possible to do only some of the modules?

Yes, you do not need to do all the course modules that are available; you are free to choose any one or more when they are running. However, there are some modules which we think are foundational and would like all students to study, but the choice is yours.

Will I receive a qualification for my study?

To qualify for a full course certificate or diploma you must attend 80% of the lectures and class tutorials and complete 80% of the written assignments. Each module completed will receive a certificate of achievement. Once all 5 foundation certificate modules have been completed a foundations certificate will be awarded. Once all 5 diploma modules have been completed a diploma certificate will be awarded.  The foundations certificate will take 6 terms and the diploma will take 8 terms.

Course modules on offer: Must have a minimum of 5 students for the course to run.

Foundations Certificate – 6 Terms – Starts February 2015

  1. Formation and translation of the scriptures; from the Greek manuscripts to the English Bible – 5 Weeks – Dr. Daniel Wallace
  2. A Big Screen Perspective – 1 Term  (Understanding the structure of scripture) – Dr. Bert Downs
  3. OT Overview – 1.5 Terms – Dr. Paul House
  4. NT Overview – 1.5 Terms – Dr. Carl Laney
  5. Understanding Systematic Theology – 1 Term – Dr. Bruce Ware

Diploma – 8 Terms – May start in February 2015

  1. The Story of Christianity I – 2 Terms  (Early Church Background to Reformation) – Dr. Don Lewis
  2. The Story of Christianity II – 2 Terms  (Reformation to Present) – Dr. Don Lewis
  3. The Story of Church Doctrine – 2 Terms – Anthony Loring
  4. Hermeneutics – 1 Term – Anthony Loring
  5. Bible Study Methods – 1 Term – Dr. Mark Strauss

Advanced Optional

  1. Learning to read your Greek NT – 1 Term [including two four hour intensive Saturday sessions] – Anthony Loring
  2. Learning to read your Hebrew OT – 1 Term [including two four hour intensive Saturday sessions] – Anthony Loring