New Generation City Church was planted in Melbourne 2002 by Tom and Sandra Sumner. In the early days with just a handful of people they met at a school in Clifton Hill. In 2004 they felt God wanted them to move into Melbourne’s western suburbs. So in Jan 2005 the church moved to the Wyndham Leisure and Events centre and very quickly the church began to outgrow that facility. So the church moved once again, this time into the Yerambooee Community centre. After 18 months that venue became too small and so the church moved again into it’s current venue, Baden Powell College P1-9 Tarneit. God has been faithfully adding people from all walks of life into this family. In 2012 the visionary eldership role was handed from Tom to Russ Kay-Hards.

The church is lead by a team of ordained elders (pastors) who are submitted to each other and the Lord. Ultimately Jesus leads the church. The elders are supported in their ministry by teams of leaders in various ministries. We have no hierarchical structure in the church and believe that everyone is an equal before God. Our leaders serve God and people in their leadership and see leadership as a function not a title.

New Generation City Church is not part of a denomination but we have linked ourself as a church with an Apostolic team called New Covenant Ministries International (NCMI) and we invite their input and ministry into our leadership and congregation. We also partner with them in seeing the kingdom advanced in all nations and so from time to time we send teams into other nations to minister and encourage. Since 2006 we have been sending teams into Cambodia and more recently we have sent teams into Indonesia, Nepal, The United Kingdom, Singapore and South Africa.