Our values are our treasure, the things we stand for, the things we hold dear. They aren’t rules that we live by, but are our essential building blocks. Our values form the fabric of who we are and who we are becoming. Our values are not a majority vote on certain moral or doctrinal views. Rather they are our deep convictions about who we are and how we should live according to God’s Word. Some of our values are listed below and are in no particular order.


We believe in team ministry. A local church led by a team of elders. A team of deacons helping to serve in the church and a team of saints doing the work of the ministry, husbands and wives ministering in team, families being team. We don’t see any hierarchy in the church other than Jesus being the head and all the saints being the body Col 1:18. We do recognise that one person may have a different function within the church but this in no way forms hierarchy. Sometime function demands that a person leads or corrects another such as in the case of eldership. But the leading is done in a servant hearted manner knowing the God will call us all to account for  the tasks he has called us to do Rom 14:12 Rev 20:12. We also live our lives in a way that models the heart and ways of God. It’s always a team effort, and when each part of the body is functioning well no one part can say they are more important than the other.

Radically Bible based

We value the Bible as the inspired word of God. Not just parts of it but all of it. It’s our desire to live in the fullness of God’s promises and walk according to His ways. The Bible is our guiding light, our anchor our sword. We do our best to build according to it’s pattern and we allow the Word of God to speak into our lives, encouraging us, correcting us and training us. Our aim is to have a whole bible theology on all aspects of church life. This means we don’t see the church as being likened to a hospital only but also an army, a bride, a vine, a body etc.

Spirit filled and led believers

We believe in the Holy Spirit and that he is part of the godhead (John 15:26 Acts 5:3-4 they lied to God)and is actively involved in the church today. We embrace the gifts of the Spirit and the baptism of the Spirit. In our meetings and day to day lives we make ourselves available to be used by the Spirit at any time. Over the years we have seen many demonstrations of the working of the Holy Spirit. From people being healed physically, to speaking in tongues, prophecy, words of knowledge, miracles, salvations and many many mire things. Our heart is to be saturated with God and allow him to empower us and lead us to spread the good news of salvation. Our new life in Christ is one of walking (Gal 5:16) in the Spirit.

Relationship to an apostolic team

The pattern we see from the New Testament is that churches we’re strengthened and equipped by a team of gifted people. We value the ministry and input of those who equip the saints to do the work of ministry as read in Eph 4:11-12. We may have one or two of these five giftings in the local church and so we look outside the church to people we trust and recognise these giftings upon. There are many teams like this around the world and in New Gen we have good relationships with people on the NCMI apostolic team. From time to time we invite them in as a gift to the church to impart their gifting so the saints can be equipped to minister. This brings us to our next value.

Priesthood of all believers

We believe that every member of the local church is called to be a priest 1Peter 2:5. All are called to do the work of ministry, which involves, the apostolic, evangelising, pastoring, teaching and the prophetic. Eph 4:11. In other words, going into all the world and advancing the kingdom (Apostolic), witnessing to the lost (evangelistic Rom 15:16-20), ministering to the believers (pastoring), teaching the truth (teaching), bringing heaven to earth (the prophetic). When this work is left exclusively to the pastors a bottleneck is formed in the church and it can never grown into the fullness of what God has planned for her. On the other hand when each person functions as a priest, ministering to God and to people, the sky is the limit regarding growth and impact.

Friendship before function

Jesus called his disciples friends John 15:15. The early church met together daily in their homes and we believe that real friendships were cultivated in the fellowship. When Paul left churches they wept because of the friendships they had. At New Gen we want to build strong friendships with one another. Our social times together are as important as ministry times.


Our heart as a church is to embrace all generations, all cultures, with no age or economic gaps Matt 19:14. We are an inclusive group of people – embracing those from all walks of life. Titus 2:1-10

Supernaturally natural

Signs and wonders, miracles and the ministry of the Holy Spirit through our lives are a part of everyday Christian life. We don’t see a need to change our behaviour or our language in order to see God move. No need to huff and puff or or speak King James english to prophesy or pray for healing. It’s perfectly natural to place our hands on someone and pray a simple prayer and see them healed. We can speak in our normal voice and this can happen in a shopping centre or anywhere we go because God is with us at all times and he is the one who heals.

A people of prayer

Jesus said, my house will be a house of prayer for all nations. The early church believers in Acts devoted themselves to prayer Acts 4:24. As a church we hold the same value. We understand that our fight is against spiritual forces of darkness and one of the weapons of our warfare is prayer. We take prayer very seriously as a church and we pray together as a group and as individuals.

Spirit and Word

We are a church who value to ministry of the Holy Spirit and desire to be used in an increasing way in the supernatural and at the same time we desire to have a deep knowledge of God’s Word. We want both, not one or the other. Paul wrote the book of Romans and raised the dead. Our value as a church is not to place more importance on either the Spirit or the Word of God but to live our live soaked and immersed in both.

Empowering Grace

God had given us grace to empower us to fulfil the calling (2 Tim 1:9) upon our lives (Eph 3:8 Eph 4:7). Grace is not an excuse for disobedience but rather the reason we can obey (1 Peter 4:10). We understand that we deserved nothing from God but because of his great love we have received everything and now we find ourselves to be the most blessed of all creation.