Sunday Meetings

We currently meet at Baden Powell College Tarneit P1-9. Click here for a map

We meet every Sunday morning at 10am. We start our meeting at 10 so it’s best to arrive at about 9:45. That will give you time to sign any children you have under the age of 12 into the kids ministry and if you have toddlers you can sign them into the creche.

We have also started an evening service every Sunday at 6pm. Please note – this meeting does not have a kids program like the morning meeting.

What do I wear? We don’t have a dress code and you are welcome to wear whatever you feel comfortable wearing. What will you be expected to do? The answer is nothing. There are no expectations on any of our visitors. You are our guest and we invite you to relax and observe. You are welcome to join in the worship and hang around afterwards for a coffee or tea. We generally start our meeting with singing songs to the Lord, then giving a few notices, after that a message will be preached. Ministry could take place during the singing or after the preaching, it just depends on what God is doing in the meeting. During the tea and coffee time parents can fetch their children from the kids ministry and the creche and sign them out.